How to create and configure Amazon ElastiCache cluster

Couple of days ago, I was working with Amazon ElastiCache. I was trying to access it from my local machine.
Amazon ElastiCache can be accessed within Amazon network only and not from outside the network.
Below are the steps to create and configure Amazon ElastiCache to use in the consumer application.
1. You can access the Amazon ElastiCache from Amazon EC2 instance. If you are yet to create the Amazon EC2 instance, please visit this link.
2. When you are ready with the EC2 instance, you will see something like this;

3. Then you need to select Amazon ElastiCache from the services section.

4. When you click to the Launch Cache Cluster button, you will be redirected to a wizard, where you need to specify parameters.

The highlighted sections are important to note down. Amazon ElastiCache is a paid service. So you have to be very careful while selecting node type. Engine depends on which client you are making use of. Since it is in Beta phase, Amazon Cache cluster must reside on the same region where EC2 instance is created.

5. In the next screen you can select the security group.

In this screen you need select the same security group which you have used while creating EC2 instance.

6. You can review all the parameters in next screen and start launching cache cluster.

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